About Audio Chef

Audio Chef will be your new guide in the kitchen. Are you tired of going back to the recipe text to find where you left off? Despair no more! Using audio prompts, Audio Chef can guide you through a recipe while your hands do the cooking.

Below are some main features of the Audio Chef:

  • Tracks your place in the recipe after each command so that you can use your device for other tasks (e.g. timers, music)
  • Provides ingredient amounts during the recipe steps when measuring should occur
  • Reads the remaining steps in the recipe to allow you to look ahead and anticipate what comes next

Commands that you can use to interact with Audio Chef

NextMoves to the next step or next ingredient in the recipe
IngredientsFor steps with one or more associated ingredients, enters ingredient mode to provide you with the amounts needed for the current step
RepeatRepeats the previous response

Repeat Step

Repeat Ingredient

Repeats the current step or ingredient of the recipe
PreviousMoves back to the previous step or ingredient in the recipe
List Sample RecipesLists sample recipes that can be loaded using voice interaction
Load Recipe XLoads the given sample recipe (e.g. muffins) from the recipes database. Please note: this command is ONLY for sample recipes. If you load a recipe from a supported website, the recipe will be loaded directly to your session
No, Stop, or ExitStops the interaction and saves your place. To pick up where you left off, say Alexa, open Audio Chef
Step XMoves your place to the given step (e.g. step 4) and reads it
Remaining StepsLists all remaining steps in the recipe to help you anticipate what is coming next
All IngredientsLists all ingredient names and quantities involved in the recipe
All StepsLists all steps in the recipe
HelpProvides help information about how to use the service
AlexaInterrupts the service so you can provide another command during a long response

Get Started with Sample Phrases

Alexa, ask Audio Chef to load recipe pancakes

Alexa, ask Audio Chef for the next step

Alexa, ask Audio Chef for the ingredients

Alexa, ask Audio Chef to list sample recipes